Annual Doggie Swim Day

Great Story On A Rainy Day!!

9.7.14 - Annual Dog Swim Day1

This weekend, many public swimming pools are going to the dogs.  As they close down for the season, they are allowing owners to bring their pups for a swim.  And if you don’t have a dog, lots of these venues are also having special adoption events.

El Paso’s Nations Tobin Aquatic Center is just one of many pools that are encouraging dog lovers to bring their four-legged pals for a dip over the next couple of weekends.

9.7.14 - Annual Dog Swim Day3

“Any chance I get to get her in the water I take it because she absolutely loves it,” John McBride said of his dog Raven.

Some dogs just dunk their feet, some love diving right in, and many enjoy socializing with other dogs.  This is especially fun in areas with no lakes or streams.  Chris Glasgott is originally from Virginia, and now in Texas, says his golden retriever longs for the abundant water sources of their home state.

“She was used to being in the water and she misses it,” he said.

NTAC is having a dog swim day on Sunday from 10 am to 2 pm, but there are many aquatic centers having their own, one of which might be in your area.  Check local news sources for events, and if there aren’t any around, ask neighborhood pools if they’d be interested in holding such an event.

9.7.14 - Annual Dog Swim Day4


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