Overnight Boarding

Dawg House offers boarding in combination with Dawgie Daycare. Overnight guests spend the day in our main playroom with the daycare pack from 7am-6:30pm. After a full day of play, they settle in to Great Dane size crates in our secure, climate-controlled boarding room.

Overnight guests should fill out the on-line registration form, which you can find here. Fill in the your dates at the bottom and we will contact you to confirm your dawgs stay with us. You can also call us at (520) 903-2949 or email us at

$35 for each 24 hour period beginning and ending at 9am. Daycare charges will apply by the whole and 1/2 day for pick-ups after 9am.

dh boarding

The Dawg House Provides These Additional Services



0-30 lbs: $20

31-60 lbs: $23

61-90 lbs: $27

90+ lbs: $30


Nail trims



Large Dog Brush Out

Long Hair: $20

Short Hair: $15


Small Dog Brush Out

Long Hair: $15

Short Hair: $10


Anal Gland Expressions



Ear Cleaning



Minor Groom (Ask!)




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