Delta Airlines Blamed for Losing Passenger’s Dog

Frank Romano was in Los Angeles at LAX airport, waiting to board a flight home to Tampa, Florida.  He is blaming Delta Airlines, the company he trusted to bring him and his dog home together and safe for losing his dog.

Now, a week into his dog being missing, Frank is saying that it seems as if no one at Delta is willing to help.

“To me, it sounds like they don’t care.  They sound like they lost a piece of baggage.  No.  He’s family.  He’s like my best friend.  He’s another part of our family,” said Frank.

Frank and his dog, Ty, are a bit of a unique pair.  Frank says that Ty rescued him, more than the more usual way around where a person rescues a dog.  Frank was homeless when he adopted Ty last year.

“He was like a big anxiety pill.  He would help me through the rough times,” said Frank.

11.9.14 - Delta Airlines Blamed for Losing Passenger’s Dog3

Delta is claiming that Ty chewed his way through his travel crate in the cargo hold of the plane.  He then took off across the tarmac, and was lost.  Delta is also saying that workers at LAX tried searching for the dog, but couldn’t locate Ty.  They say that the dog is still being searched for.

Frank isn’t buying it.  “I have no clue how they could just lose a pet like that.”

Frank keeps in contact Delta daily.  Every time he actually talks to someone, he feels like he’s getting the run around.  According to Frank, it seems like he’s getting a different story from each Delta employee he speaks to.  He even says that Delta had called him at one point telling him the dog had been found, but that is apparently not the case.

Frank said, “I have a feeling someone stole him or something.  This is a fishy story.”

Delta reps say that they are doing everything they possibly can to help find Ty.  They have even offered Frank a $200 credit toward another flight.  Frank isn’t interested in flight credits.  He wants his dog back.

11.9.14 - Delta Airlines Blamed for Losing Passenger’s Dog4

“I just want him home safe.  I just want him back.  I just want to be reunited with Ty again,” said Frank.

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